Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop

Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop, the specialist in building and finishing materials 

The company has more than one hundred years’ experience! Both business clients and private individuals find everything they’re looking for here. In the construction shop, there is a wide assortment of building materials, decorative pavers and professional tools. Customers can easily pick up heavier materials at the drive-through warehouse in Terneuzen. In addition, Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop delivers aggregates for construction to contractors and do-it-yourselfers in Zeelandic Flanders and neighbouring Belgian provinces. 

In the showroom, customers find everything needed to set the mood and provide comfort at home under one roof. Here, they can gain all the inspiration they need for their kitchen or bathroom. Both for a traditional look and a modern one, country-style or design. Fast delivery, competitive prices and perfect services is what  Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop stands for. 

Logus places great importance on sustainability. The product assortment is constantly updated with more and more sustainable products. A nice example is the 3-layer PVC pipe, in which the inner layer is made of foamed recycled material. 

Logus GWW, strong together

Under the name Logus Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw, the company offers a complete ground, road and waterway product line and a large distribution network, with all of the necessary specialised expertise. The local Logus branches add ease and certainty to that: Logus is close to the market and to its contacts. 

Logus GWW has joined forces with sister companies Bleijko, Haringman and De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen’s many sand and gravel dealers. That way, they can offer a complete package for every project. 


In short, a partner you can build on.


Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop Oostburg

Neringweg 2
4501 PB Oostburg
T. +31 117 381 753

Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop Terneuzen

Kennedylaan 32
4538 AE Terneuzen
T. +31 115 680 612

Logus Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw

Kennedylaan 32
4538 AE Terneuzen
T. +31 115 680 624