Bouwmaterialenhandel Logus De Hoop Zwijndrecht

Always a personal approach at Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Zwijndrecht 

Apart from its construction centre in Zwijndrecht , Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Zwijndrecht also has a construction centre in Rotterdam-Noord and Rotterdam-Zuid. The Bouwcenter Rotterdam-Noord has traditionally been specialised in roof tiles. Currently, it is the only one in the region with a complete selection. Both contractors working on large construction projects and independent contractors have a wide array of things to choose from in the extensive assortment of products in stock. Customers can count on a personal approach and tailored advice from motivated employees. 

Originally, the construction centre in Zwijndrecht was primarily a supplier of raw building materials, like sand and gravel. Since 2005, this branch has moved to the construction centre format, and so added a wide array of construction materials.  

The construction centre has a pick-up centre, where customers can quickly and easily pick up their building and finishing materials. 


In short, a partner you can build on. Both in Rotterdam and Zwijndrecht.


Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Rotterdam-Noord

Ceintuurbaan 210
3051 KD Rotterdam
T. +31 104 188 166

Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Zwijndrecht

Lindtsedijk 18
3336 LE Zwijndrecht
T. +31 786 123 182

Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop Rotterdam-Zuid

Bijlstraat 5
3087 AA Rotterdam