A supplier that helps brainstorm about your whole construction project

Every phase of the construction project is important. Therefore, as a supplier to the construction industry, we offer a complete package of top-notch, high-value building materials, products and services. You could call us a company with a healthy ambition.  Because not only do we want to deliver high-quality products and services, we also want to help brainstorm about every construction project. 

Building blocks of our mission

We have the ambition to strengthen our position. How will we do it? Through an extensive offering of innovative product solutions. Every day, we try to work in a sustainable, future-orientated manner – on the one hand, through the development and production of secondary aggregates, and on the other hand, through sustainable concrete products. In this way, we contribute to the circular economy.

Continuously building on growth and development

As a Zeelandic Flemish family company, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities. Not only for our customers, but also for our employees. Therefore, all of our staff get loads of opportunities for both personal and professional development. We expect them to take responsibility in a challenging position. We highly value constructive ideas, initiative and innovation. Because a smarter and more efficient way of working contributes to the growth and development of our company.  Only then can we guarantee the continuity of our ambitious family company. 


Together for a clear mission.