Secondary aggregates and energy-saving investments? An absolute must! 

Sustainable and socially responsible business is an absolute must for De Hoop Terneuzen. And that society-friendly way of doing business takes many forms. As part of this, we prefer to collaborate with local companies from our region. 

In addition, we take our corporate social responsibility by, every day, looking for innovative product solutions that fit into a circular economy. Through the use of secondary aggregates and energy-saving investments, we try to keep our ecological footprint as minimal as possible.

We also attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees. This ensures that De Hoop Terneuzen is a nice place to work. A safe haven.

Finally, we like to invest in local activities, associations, foundations and events. In this way, we can ensure that they continue to exist. Because we want to keep telling their story. Or cherish a memory and keep it alive. So, we want to contribute to keeping the region a nice place to live.  


Together for a sustainable society.