The success story of an ambitious construction supplier

The story of a construction supplier with a mission began more than a century ago. What started out as a modest Zeelandic Flemish family company soon grew to become a dealer and manufacturer of high-quality aggregates, readymix and building materials. And the icing on the cake: our do-it-yourself stores. The group consists of over 50 subsidiaries. This close collaboration means that the most successful construction projects can be realised every day.  

De Hoop Terneuzen’s story is one with a rich history that we were only able to write thanks to an iron will, commitment from all of our employees over the years and innovative entrepreneurship. And that can be seen in our logo.  

A powerful logo

It shows an anchor with two arrows. The background of the logo is blue in colour, which immediately inspires trust. As a full-service supplier, our group has been anchored in the construction industry for over 100 years now. 

The story behind our logo goes back to the ship De Terneuzen II being built. The build led to the development of our own ‘house flag’, as it was called back then. Today, the flag still symbolises De Hoop Terneuzen. On it, the anchor traditionally symbolises the concept of ‘hope’, but certainly also the concept of ‘continuity’.  

By the way, the ship still exists. After many make-overs and even more owners, it now serves as a pleasure vessel. 


In short: together for a hopeful future.