Your full-service supplier that has been anchored in construction for over 100 years now

For over 100 years, De Hoop Terneuzen has been anchored in the construction industry as a full-service supplier of aggregates, readymix, concrete products, building materials and items for do-it-yourselfers. Today, our group boasts more than 50 companies, with over 70 different locations in 5 different sectors.

Every day, our employees work together to achieve common goals and provide excellent service. With passion for the field, motivation, the urge to innovate and continuity, we succeed in surprising our customers. And we always keep our vision, mission and core values in the back of our minds, as we believe in them with every fibre of our being. Because working in construction supply is a calling. A job in our group feels like a safe haven, where there is attention for the environment and the surroundings in which we work. But where there is also room for personal and professional growth.  

A reliable partner you can build on

At De Hoop Terneuzen, you can literally build from A to Z, from a wide array of building materials to ready-made shells. With the right advice, we aim to be a reliable partner you can build on, so that you can realise the most unique construction projects.  

In addition, as a construction supplier, we want to tell a story. Namely, that we make our contribution to a world worth living in by doing business with a heart for society. And with all of our activities, we take the climate into account. We probably have our rich history to thank for that approach. But also the fact that we are firmly convinced that, together, we can move mountains and build bridges toward an eco-friendly future.  


Smarter together. That is the power of De Hoop Terneuzen.


Construction supply with a concrete goal

You don’t become a reliable partner in construction supply overnight. You can only become one if you’ve got a clear goal which every employee enthusiastically wants to help achieve. To make this happen, every link in the chain matters. Because every day, it’s all hands on deck to achieve that common goal. With plenty of dedication, a down-to-earth approach and innovative entrepreneurship.  

That’s why De Hoop Terneuzen only hires people who share the same vision and mission, and who respect the core goals. The result? A success story with a rich history that translates into numerous, challenging construction projects


Together for a common goal.


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