A supplier of building materials, with a great vision

Long-term continuity as an independent family company comes first here. We feel that is very important in our family company. And that carries through to our activities. As a supplier of building materials and aggregates, we know all too well how important continuity is, to make every day a success. Every link in the chain matters. And each and every employee makes a crucial contribution. Because only when everyone is pulling together can your company be great. Actually, our employees form the foundation on which we can build. Their capabilities and motivation are the cement that holds together our achievements. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We like to guarantee that continuity on different levels. That is why our group’s vision is based on five building blocks.

A corporate vision based on 5 important building blocks

1. Sustainable development

De Hoop Terneuzen strives for sustainable development. Not only today, but tomorrow, as well. Thanks to a wide range of products on the one hand, and loads of expertise and experience on the other, that’s no problem at all.  

2. Doing business with a heart for society

At De Hoop Terneuzen, we don’t just want to do business.  We want to do business sustainably. Therefore, we have a warm heart for society. As such, we take into account the effect of our activities on the environment, and we aim to keep our ecological footprint as minimal as possible. And if we can’t manage it? Then we try to compensate to the best of our abilities.

3. Innovative product solutions

As a supplier to the construction industry, we look for the most sustainable, innovative product solutions every day. In this way, we contribute to the circular economy. That is something our customers certainly appreciate. 

4. A place where everyone feels at home

Every employee has to feel good within the company. Only if you feel good can you give the best of yourself. And our customers notice that, too.  De Hoop Group has to feel like a second home: a place where you like to stay and where you enjoy your own results. In short, working for De Hoop Group gives you satisfaction.

5. Long-term relationships with a strong foundation

Finally, we strive for long-term collaboration. Not only with our customers and suppliers, but also with our stakeholders. As we have over 100 years’ experience, we know better than anyone how important relationships are. What’s the secret of these sustainable relationships? A strong combination of mutual trust, custom advice, extensive information and support.  

All of the values above are part of our company’s vision. A vision we are all proud of.  


Together, striving for sustainability. That’s what it’s all about.