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Anker Beton makes innovative contribution to sustainable development in Ouddorp

15 March 2024

Our subsidiary Anker Beton delivered concrete on Friday, March 15, for the construction of 57 new apartments for Landal Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin. These gasless and well-insulated apartments meet the standard of Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings. This project marks an important step forward in sustainable living on the Dutch coast.


Final concrete pour for large-scale Distribution Centre in Hulst is a fact

2 February 2024

On Friday, February 2nd, De Hoop Betonmortel delivered the last batch of concrete for the impressive XXL distribution centre at Hogeweg business park in Hulst. With a total size of approximately 118,000 square metres and over 1,000 parking spaces, this project marks a milestone for Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.


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