Working for De Hoop Group? A safe haven

At De Hoop Group, we feel that health and safety are incredibly important. Employees are central to what we do. Always and everywhere. So, we draw up safety provisions in multiple languages: Dutch, English, Polish... That way, we are sure that every employee understands them. 

Working for De Hoop Group should feel like a safe haven. Therefore, we ensure that our employees feel good every day. That they’re comfortable, so they can do their activities properly. As part of this, open, respectful communication with colleagues and managers is a real must. 

Feeling good at work: both physically and mentally

To us, health and safety go much further than just physical safety. We consider mental safety, as well. Safety at work isn’t just about working with approved machines in a safe way. Or protection through personal protective equipment (safety gear). Or reliable tools, appliances, installations and regular maintenance of them.

We believe that every employee should feel good at work. Our group should feel like a nice place to work, where there is respect and empathy for one another. This is one of our essential core values.  


Together for a safe haven. That’s what we’re striving for.