Construction projects to be proud of

Smarter together. With that thought, we take on every project with enthusiasm, commitment and thorough expertise. And that approach results in breath-taking construction projects for satisfied customers, again and again. We not only focus on high-quality products and services, but also on optimal logistics processes. 

It’s incredible what ambitious people with a passion for construction can achieve every day, by working together and building bridges between the different sectors, companies, customers and suppliers.

Pure craftsmanship, innovative power and a clear vision lead to satisfied customers every day, and we’re proud of that. Feel free to peruse the projects below, which De Hoop Terneuzen helped make possible.


Together for a creative challenge

90,500 m³ concrete for Turnova

Mermans Beton delivered 90,500 m³ of concrete for the new Turnova district.

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Jan Linzel Flyover crossing the A4

The prefab concrete pillars were custom-made by Sterk Beton.

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World record with ground limestone

The longest prefab box girders in the world for the Lienebrug Bridge in Wanssum.

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Buiten de Veste, Goes

An excellent partnership, many of the materials are being supplied by several De Hoop Terneuzen subsidiaries.

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Construction and demolition materials at a height

The ‘delivery at heights’ service from Logus De Hoop can accommodate deliveries at heights up to 34 metres from the ground.

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