Appel Beton

A fruitful collaboration with concrete manufacturer Appel Beton

For over half a century, Appel Beton has been delivering conclusive custom-made foundation beams, shed floors, modular floors, shed roofs, ridge beams, shell installation floors and manure silos, both for residential construction and utility construction. But the agrarian sector likes to call on Appel Beton, as well.

Appel Beton only produces certified concrete products.

The customer comes first at Appel Beton. This core value is translated to the customer through direct lines of communication, clear agreements and an enjoyable collaboration. 

What’s more, their smart way of producing, significant flexibility and remarkable quality  are the secret of concrete manufacturer Appel Beton’s success.

It’s clear: working with Appel Beton is fruitful indeed.


In short, a partner you can build on.