Betoncentrale Haringman

Betoncentrale Haringman: the readymix supplier in central Zeeland

Betoncentrale Haringman is the readymix supplier for central Zeeland. For every complex problem related to concrete technology, the company works with the customer to come up with the perfect product composition. The concrete depot compiles all possible types of cement-bonded mortar. After production, these are delivered quickly and efficiently. Deliveries of small amounts of sand stabiliser and large volumes of high-performance concrete are both possible, in all conceivable strength categories. The company has a maximum delivery capacity of about 150 m3 per hour.

Betoncentrale Haringman is a reliable partner in the concrete sector, for all building segments, such as waterway construction, road construction, utility construction, the agrarian sector, the prefab industry and the energy sector with its distribution centres and windmills. 

The readymix is delivered according to the applicable regulations, so the strength category and sustainability are guaranteed. 

Thanks to the fully integrated vehicle tracking system, concrete mixers and concrete pumps are dispatched optimally. As such, the company can easily respond to unforeseen circumstances in construction. Quality is the recurring theme at  Betoncentrale Haringman 

In short, a partner you can build on.