Bleijko: an innovative purveyor of paving, sea walls and dike revetment

Bleijko Betonindustrie is an established name when it comes to concrete products for public spaces. Together with its sister companies,  Haringman betonwaren and Fassaert beto, Bleijko Betonindustrie is a solution-orientated and innovative purveyor of sustainable concrete paving materials, sewerage products, and dike and bank revetment, including custom solutions. 

At the production site in Walsoorden, concrete pavers, concrete tiles, concrete borders and concrete sewage pipes are produced. Trablo transports the products. Beyond Walsoorden, Bleijko has another production site in Roeselare(Belgium) and sales points in Marcq-en-Baroeul (France) and Hove (United Kingdom).

Bleijko Betonindustrie chooses sustainability where it can. As such, it tries to keep its ecological footprint as minimal as possible. 

To guarantee to the quality of its products, Bleijko opts for excellent-quality aggregates. Those aggregates are stored separately, in optimal conditions. That way, the same high product quality can always be guaranteed. Its mixing facility, which makes a variety of colour variations possible, is unique.  

In addition, regular random testing is done in its own laboratories. Aggregates are approved, and finished products are subjected to careful quality control. 

In realising various projects, Bleijko works closely with its sister companies, Fassaert Beton, Haringman Betonwaren and Trablo. Offering a complete solution with one point of contact makes the work easier and more efficient for the customer. 


In short, a partner you can build on.


Bleijko Roeselare NV

Beurtkaai 4
8800 Roeselare
T. +32 51 272 350

Bleijko SA

278 Avenue de la Marne
59700 Marcq-en-baroeul
T. +33 320 988 999


Basin Road North Hove
BN41 1WR East Sussex
T. +44 3 330 116 114