Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Bergen op Zoom

Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Bergen op Zoom, a household name in West-Brabant

With over 100 years’ history, Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Bergen op Zoom is a household name in West-Brabant. In addition to the construction shop in Bergen op Zoom, there is also a construction shop in Roosendaal and Breda. As a sub-supplier of (raw) construction and finishing materials, both construction shops serve numerous consumers, construction companies and specialists. Here, both contractors and skilled do-it-yourselfers will undoubtedly find what they are looking for.  There is also a large selection of ceramics, both facing bricks and roof tiles. 

The showroom in Bergen op Zoom is a source of inspiration when it comes to leading brand kitchens and bathrooms. But it’s also a source of inspiration for tiles and natural stone for walls and floors. There’s something for everyone,  for any budget. 


In short, a partner you can build on.


Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Bergen op Zoom

Zeelandhaven 7
4612 PC Bergen op Zoom
T. +31 164 271 500

Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Breda

Takkebijsters 60
4817 BL Breda

Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Roosendaal

Het Appeltje 8
4751 XJ Oud-Gastel
T. +31 165 659 999