Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Vlissingen

A complete assortment and all of the necessary specialised expertise at Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Vlissingen

A very broad assortment of building materials, wood and slab materials, decorative pavers, tools, doors, optimal service, plus result-orientated advice and solutions: that’s what you can build on, as a Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Vlissingen customer. From odd jobs round the house to projects in the utility and residential construction sectors. Logus also carries a wide assortment of ground, road and waterways products, thanks to  Logus De Hoop Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw. In addition to its site in Vlissingen, Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Vlissingen also operates a branch in Goes. 

Thanks to the drive-through warehouse, the customer can easily find, collect and load the materials he desires. If necessary, the warehouse staff will lend a hand.

The showroom in Vlissingen displays lovely model bathrooms, a wide assortment of floors and a selection of various luxurious kitchens. Enough inspiration to realise your dream project. There’s something for everyone, for any budget.


In short, a partner you can build on.


Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Goes

Nobelweg 1
4462 GK Goes
T. +31 113 215 401

Bouwcenter Logus De Hoop Vlissingen

Marie Curieweg 9-13
4389 WB Vlissingen
T. +31 118 690 025