CascoTotaal: prefab building concepts, achieved quickly, flexibly and efficiently

CascoTotaal is an innovative specialist in prefab building concepts. This includes accommodations for the sales, rental and recreation sectors, but also housing for students, refugees, refugees with a residence permit and dependents. A combination of expertise and empathy lead to a suitable concept. 

The prefab solutions are made of concrete. The walls and ceiling consist of one custom-made 3D-Betoncasco®. The concrete foundation is laid and anchored within it. This makes for not only a strong construction, but also a short building time, lower failure costs and more efficiency. The finished shells can be moved and, what’s more, are easy to stack and connect to one another, to make a large room or home. 

The CascoTotaal construction method is based on working methods from the automotive industry. There, the production process begins with the bodywork, and step by step, parts are added to it. At the end, a completely new car rolls out of the factory. This is how our 3D-Betoncasco® construction method works, as well. The custom-made main construction starts the process and is added to and finished step by step, inside and out, in a production line. At the end, a completely finished element leaves the construction hall. 

A flexible building process starts with good collaboration between all parties involved. At CascoTotaal, we work with the entire construction hierarchy. The person commissioning the project, the architect, the principal contractor and all other construction partners.  To make this collaboration up and down the chain possible, CascoTotaal offers a reliable and professional platform, which brings together craftsmanship and directs construction logistics smoothly. A win-win situation for all partners.  


In short, a partner you can build on.