De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen

De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen is the specialist when it comes to all types of sand, gravel and rock-like materials

In the construction world, De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen is an established name when it comes to aggregates. An extensive network of relationships, attention for innovation and sustainable development, coupled with decades of expertise, motivated employees and an excellent logistical service form the secret to our success.

De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen makes a considerable contribution to the completion of Dutch infrastructure, such as roads, airstrips, bike paths and recreational and nature zones.  They deliver the resources needed for concrete and asphalt, and for the railway, road and waterway construction sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France.

Quality comes first at De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen, as can be seen from the in-house laboratories at various production sites. In the laboratories, the quality of all aggregates is thoroughly tested, so they can be delivered according to the strictest of standards. The laboratory technicians also conduct regular audits of external producers from whom material is purchased, to ensure that they live up to the quality that De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen expects. In addition to primary aggregates, De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen also offers a wide array of secondary aggregates, thus contributing to the shift to a circular economy.

The company has various storage sites at strategic locations in the southwest of the Netherlands, where sand and gravel products are delivered from the stocks. In addition, De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen has a fleet of sand dredgers at its disposal, as well as hopper barges, cargo ships, cement carriers and crane vessels for speedy and optimal service. They call on their sister company Trablo to transport big bags. They specialise in transporting big bags and various concrete products.

De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen has been calling on BBZ Recycling in Bergen op Zoom for years, to crush both concrete and mortar rubble, using a modern rubble crusher. In order to make a contribution to the circular economy, it is important to upcycle high-quality waste streams, such as clean concrete rubble. BBZ Recycling processes the rubble, turning it into high-quality materials for road construction and filler material for the concrete industry. 

De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen also works intensively with two other sister companies. Pelt & Hooykaas, the leading producer of secondary aggregates in the Netherlands, and Satic Minera, active in the concrete and asphalt sector in Belgium.


In short, a partner you can build on.


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