De Hoop Pekso

De Hoop Pekso, always on the lookout for new ways and products to be of optimal service to the customer

De Hoop Pekso is a producer and supplier of a complete package of carcass products, from foundation formworks to intermediate floors. The company has been a loyal partner to various building material dealers and construction companies in the Netherlands and Belgium for many years.  

The broad assortment of De Hoop Pekso products can primarily be applied in residential and utility construction. Developments in the construction sector are closely tracked, which leads to a variety of new and improved products. 

With its keen focus on customer service and tailored advice, De Hoop Pekso helps its customers to complete complex projects by offering appropriate carcass solutions. With the right construction and product advice, construction times are reduced, failure costs are slashed and safety at the construction site is guaranteed. 

In order to achieve this, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used, among other things. The use of BIM takes construction virtual. Together with its trusted partners, De Hoop Pekso works on a construction project in one 3D model. That way, all drawings and necessary information for and by all of the partners is stored neatly in one place. Iposim takes care of the drawing and the numbers, including precast concrete floors, hollow core slab floors, ribbed cassette floors, combination floors, renovation floors and prefab foundation beams. As such, De Hoop Pekso offers significant added value when looking for the right products for each and every project. 

Conceiving of and delivering innovative products of exceptional quality is what makes De Hoop Pekso stand out. With each project, the quality of the products is maintained. That’s how De Hoop Pekso creates added value for its partners. 


In short, a partner you can build on.



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