Fassaert Beton

Fassaert Beton: strong in the production and delivery of custom concrete products 

Fassaert Beton is strong in the production and delivery of top-notch, high-performance concrete prefab products. The company supplies to partners in (the petrochemical) industry and commissioning entities in the utility, road and waterway construction sectors. 

A century of expertise and experience translates into innovative solutions and a customer-orientated way of working. The company has a modern production hall. Here, elements weighing up to a whopping 40 tonnes can be made. The production line for concrete wells is their pride and joy.  

Whether you need specially designed wells, foundation blocks, sleepers, basements or other prefab concrete products Fassaert Beton always delivers a high-quality product. 

While working on various projects, Fassaert Beton works in close collaboration with its sister companies Bleijko, Haringman Betonwaren and Trablo. Offering a complete solution with one point of contact makes the work easier and more efficient for the customer.


In short, a partner you can build on.