Haringman Betonwaren

Haringman Betonwaren: concrete product producer with a down-to-earth, service-orientated approach 

Since 1950, Haringman Betonwaren has been a down-to-earth Zeeland concrete product producer for the ground, road and waterway construction sectors, specialising in sea wall blocks and dike revetment. The down-to-earth, service-orientated approach can be found throughout the company. Haringman Betonwaren likes to brainstorm with the customer about innovations and concrete product-related issues. The concrete product factory is strategically located,  so delivery is always fast and efficient. 

Haringman Betonwaren goes for quality and sustainability. During each step of the production process, its employees check whether the products satisfy the desired quality and other specifications. Recycled materials, such as 5

In order to realise various projects, Haringman Betonwaren works closely with its sister companies Bleijko, Fassaert Beton and Trablo. Offering a complete solution with one point of contact makes the work easier and more efficient for the customer.


In short, a partner you can build on.