Megamix Zeeland

Want to order mortar with considerably less CO2? Come to MegaMix!

MegaMix stands for customer-centricity, with an eye for the customer’s wishes and a dynamic way of doing business. MegaMix is constantly evolving and is innovative on all fronts.

Sustainable construction comes first. That’s why MegaMix has opted for the sustainable 2-chamber system. This considerably reduces CO2 output. The low environmental impact is largely a result of the 2-chamber system rendering it unnecessary for the sand to be dried. 

MegaMix is proud of the quality of its mortars and wants to keep it that way.  For that reason, they make use of standardised and certified aggregates. 

The mortars are delivered in any weather. During the winter, for example, the company delivers a special winter mix, which ensures that mortar production need not fall still.  


In short, a partner you can build on.