Pelt & Hooykaas

Your specialist in secondary aggregates for ground, road and waterway construction.

Pelt & Hooykaas is an experienced producer and supplier of secondary, sustainable aggregates. The secondary, sustainable aggregates serve as the basis for realising countless projects in the ground, road and waterway construction industries. The secondary aggregates meet strict environmental standards and quality requirements, and are a valuable alternative to the use of primary aggregates. 

From its locations in IJmuiden, Vlissingen and Rotterdam, the company delivers 1 million tonnes of secondary products to its customers annually, as foundation, permeable paving, filler, rock filler and stabilisation material. Customers rely on Pelt & Hooykaas’s expert advice on the various applications of the products. 

Within the world of ground, road and waterway construction, staying up to date on the ins and outs of the construction world is an absolute must.  Pelt & Hooykaas’s employees know this all too well. The valuable combination of their extensive knowledge and the latest know-how is an absolute asset. Actually, Pelt & Hooykaas is more than a producer and supplier. You could say the company is a specialist in secondary, sustainable aggregates for ground, road and waterway construction. 


In short, a partner you can build on.


Locatie IJmuiden

Wenckebachstraat 1
1951 JZ Velsen-Noord
T. +31 251 229 228