Pit Beton

Flexibility, quality and expertise, the pillars of Pit Beton

Pit Beton Piles Factory has been a manufacturer and supplier of piles since 1965. In our first five years of production, we immediately received large-scale orders. In 1989, we started producing prestressed piles.

The piles are manufactured in all standard measurements with virtually no limitations to length or extra provisions. All possible extras, such as earthing rod, extra pile-head reinforcement and even ridges on the heads are possible. Pit Beton can also take care of the entire piling work. The piles are mainly supplied to Zeeland, South Holland and West Brabant, but Belgium is also an important market for Pit Beton.

Thanks to our flat organisational structure and the flexibility and competence of our workers, we can provide an optimal service. Our long-standing knowledge and experience with the product and our know-how in the field of soil mechanics always ensure quality.

In short, a partner you can build on.