Satic-Minera, experienced supplier of aggregates

Satic-Minera is a supplier of aggregates and a market leader in various segments. The company is active in the Belgian and Northern French market. Satic-Minera has an extensive assortment of various types of sand, gravel and stone chippings, and a wide array of decorative granulates. Of these, sea sand, Western Scheldt sand and German Rhine sand are the most popular.

Customers appreciate the wide assortment, craftsmanship, expertise and excellent quality for price. The logistics provided (delivery by river barge), optimal customer service and continuous communication are absolute advantages. They help Satic-Minera build a strong relationship with its customers, but also with its producers and various actors in the construction and logistics sector, such as inland shipping and road transport. 

In addition, the company has four well-placed depots at its disposal:  Zandhandel Roeselare, Zandhandel Lummen, Vemat and SGL (joint venture). Satic-Minera also makes use of the quay that De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen exploits in Terneuzen.

Satic-Minera’s success can be attributed to its clear structure, vision, quality, sustainability and respect for the environment, broad network of contacts and impressive projects. 


In short, a partner you can build on.



Léon Monnoyerkaai 11
1000 Brussel België
T. +32 22 457 752

Zandhandel Lummen

Industriestraat 16
3560 Lummen België
T. +32 11 453 689

Zandhandel Roeselare

Graankaai 4
8800 Roeselare België
T. +32 51 227 955