Schokindustrie, producer and supplier of prefab foundation beams, piles and shed floors 

Since 1934, Schokindustrie has been producing and delivering high-quality prefab concrete products, which form the basis of any interesting residential construction project, such as prefab foundation beams, piles and shed floors. To install the products, the company works closely with Vroom Betonbouw. That way, every complete foundation is completed by the same reliable partner.

Schokindustrie only produces certified concrete products.

Schokindustrie always works on the principle that the construction process comes first. In order to make the construction work go as smoothly as possible, its motivated employees work closely with one another. Schokindustrie’s working process is fully in tune with the commissioning party’s plans.  As part of this, the employees strive for an efficient turnaround time, time savings, less waste and lower failure costs. Environment and safety always play a crucial role throughout the entire construction process.


In short, a partner you can build on.