Sterk Beton

Sterk Beton: strong in prefab custom elements, basements and wells

A producer of concrete products that strives for continuous innovation: that is the power of Sterk Beton. Since 1931, the company has been producing prefab custom elements, basements and wells for the construction industry, and for utility, road and waterway construction. 

A unique production method is applied to the production of basements. It’s unique, because the basement is poured seamlessly, and because the basement can be equipped with patented installation systems for super-speedy, simple installation. 

Customers will find a solid partner in Sterk Beton. Whoever hires Sterk Beton can count on personal contact, expert calculations and drawings, and an accurate analysis of the project.  For each project, our employees devise a custom solution. There’s no question they’ll shy away from.  Thanks to this way of working, Sterk Beton has been able to achieve optimisations and innovations for many projects. For all parties, it’s a win-win situation.


In short, a partner you can build on.