90,500 m³ concrete for Turnova

90,500 tonnes of concrete in 1,340 orders, good for 4,240 shipments and 187,000 kilometres driven. These are quantities that make your head spin every bit as much as the heights of the towering Turnova buildings do. Mermans Beton delivered 90,500 m³ of concrete for the new Turnova district and was also responsible for the optimisation of the execution process.

Mermans Beton supplied the concrete for the flats in the Academy Quarter (Pluym-Van Loon), the Turnova buildings and the underground parking garage (Interbuild).

Advice and support

In addition to supplying concrete, Mermans Beton also ensured that the construction of the residential building was more (cost) efficient. They suggested not pumping the concrete, but hoisting it up with the help of a 3 m³ tremie. That saved them from hiring an (expensive) pump installation, and at the end of the day, all that had to be cleaned was the tremie, rather than an entire pump installation. Mermans Beton also gave advice on selecting the concrete mixture, and they offered technical support in pouring the 1-metre-thick, 340 m² concrete slab for the first storey. To prevent internal cracks from forming, an internal cooling circuit was put in place, and the batch of concrete was completely ‘wrapped up’ after pouring, to avoid problems with the temperature gradient.