Buiten de Veste, Goes

Buiten de Veste

On Piet Heinstraat, just outside the historic city walls of Goes, two new, modern residential buildings are going up. A unique and contemporary plan, with 75 modern flats, and eight commercial spaces on the ground floor. The plan is a clear translation of the growing need for smaller and mid-sized flats.

Stronger together

Many of the materials are being supplied by several De Hoop Terneuzen subsidiaries. The EPS formwork, which gives shape to the foundation of this project, was made and delivered by De Hoop Pekso. The concrete that is poured into the formwork is being supplied by VTO, and the rebar is being cut and bent by De Hoop Betonstaalcentrale.

In addition to cutting and bending rebar and making welded prefab reinforcing elements, one of De Hoop Betonstaalcentrale’s major activities is installing the building’s grade beams. They do so in collaboration with Diblo. Diblo installs De Hoop Pesko’s EPS formwork, weaves the rebar mesh in the formwork and finally pours the foundation. Ultimately wide slab flooring, also from De Hoop Pesko, was chosen for the upper storeys. The different companies landed a great project here.