Jan Linzel Flyover crossing the A4

In 2019, a quick bike route was laid between Ypenburg and downtown The Hague. Part of the so-called Trekfietstracé is the biking flyover crossing the A4, the Jan Linzel Flyover. The cyclist bridge is around 335 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and can accommodate both bikes and pedestrians.

A strong example of craftsmanship

The bridge consists of a steel upper structure, resting on six prefab concrete pillars and two concrete abutments. The largest distance bridged over the motorway between a pillar and the abutment at Ypenburg is 85 metres. The bridges alongside the Vlietzoom span 35 metres. There, the parts of the bridge were placed directly on the prefab concrete pillars. The prefab concrete pillars were custom-made by Sterk Beton. They are strong example of Sterk Beton’s craftsmanship.

Jan Linzel

The bike flyover is named after Jan Linzel. Jan Linzel was the oldest Dutch Air Force vet and the last Dutch fighter pilot to take off from the airfield in Ypenburg in May 1940 to fight the Luftwaffe. After the war, he served in the Royal Netherlands Airforce until 1973. Jan Linzel died in 2019, at 103 years of age.