Primary sponsor of FC Axel

For many years now, De Hoop Terneuzen has been closely involved with the football club FC Axel. In 2013, a ‘new football club’ was founded under the name FC Axel. The clubs AZVV and VV Axel were fully combined to form this new club. During our years of involvement with FC Axel, we’ve seen highs and lows. As the primary sponsor, we are proud of the developments FC Axel is accomplishing. Not just athletically, but also as a club.

The club has a large group of nearly 200 enthusiastic volunteers. Without them, all of the club’s plans and ambitions couldn’t be realised. It would seem that many hands can get a lot of work done, since the complex has improved quite a bit. This takes solidarity within the club, between all members, from the managers to the fans, from canteen personnel to the groundskeepers.

With the replacement of the forty-year-old fencing and the instalment of AstroTurf, the accommodations are ready for FC Axel’s future.