Gamma 50 years old! 

12 May 2021

Gamma's anniversary should be celebrated. Gamma's 50th anniversary was kicked off at all establishments on 11 May 2021 by the hoisting of the Gamma 50 flag. This is also the case at the eight Gamma stores of De Hoop Terneuzen. Over the past fifty years, the Dutch have mastered odd jobs and idiosyncratic ways of doing odd jobs have emerged. That is why Gamma is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with an ode to these DIY quirks and customers will be surprised in the coming months with great promotions, anniversary deals and much more. 

Introduction do-it-yourself shop in the Netherlands

Gamma's history begins on May 11, 1971. The very first self-service shop for DIYers is opened in Breda. The founders, a number of building materials traders including De Hoop Terneuzen, found their inspiration in America through the so-called 'home improvement center'. They decide to introduce this in the Netherlands as well and together set up the company Gamma Nederland BV. 
The concept - a self-service DIY store - has not changed since its inception in 1971. In the years that followed, the DIY market in the Netherlands grew enormously. One after another Gamma construction market is opened. Now 50 years later, Gamma has grown into the largest DIY store in the Netherlands with more than 166 stores. 


In 1986 Gamma appeared on TV, the first in a long line of high-profile commercials. At the end of the nineties Sjaak and Freek-Willem were the faces of Gamma. The slogan 'That I say' was launched during these commercials and became a popular statement throughout the Netherlands. Another highlight took place in 2005, when Gamma will open its 150th construction market. 
Gamma is still the largest construction market in the Netherlands. They were the first to enter the Dutch market with products such as laminate, mixed paints and glass shower cubicles. In 2017, a new store concept was launched that returned the focus to its constructive roots, with a prominent role of paint on the store floor. In recent years, Gamma has mainly seen the market in the sustainability and insulation of homes.