Betonmortel West Brabant De Hoop B.V. acquires Cementbouw’s concrete mixing plants

21 September 2022

De Hoop Terneuzen’s wholly owned subsidiary, Betonmortel West Brabant De Hoop B.V. has acquired new knowledge and quality as of 12 September 2022. Through its acquisition of Cementbouw’s concrete mixing plants in Bergen op Zoom and Zwijndrecht, De Hoop Terneuzen has strengthened its market for ready-mixed concrete in West Brabant and extended it further towards the urban agglomeration of Western Holland. The plant in Zwijndrecht will operate under the name of Anker Beton.

About Cementbouw

Cementbouw supplies and trades in materials and commodities for the construction industry such as cement, fillers, sand and gravel in the Benelux, Germany and France. With nine concrete mixing plants in the Netherlands, Cementbouw is one of the largest producers of ready-mixed concrete.

Just as De Hoop Terneuzen, Cementbouw began as a family firm. The Van de Poll family started trading in sand and gravel in 1933. Some three-quarters of a century later, Cementbouw became one of the major players in the market share of the Irish company CRH.

Cementbouw’s concrete mixing plants supply consistent quality to the construction and infrastructure industries. This has made them a constant factor in the world of ready-mixed concrete. Cementbouw’s concrete mixing plants – just as those of De Hoop Terneuzen – are proud holders of the CSC certificate.

Stronger together

The Board of Directors is delighted to welcome the employees and customers to its group of companies. Cementbouw’s concrete mixing plants have an excellent reputation due to the consistent quality they deliver and their innovative approach.

The concrete mixing plants will continue with the same workforce, which means there will be no changes as regards regular designated contacts. We have confidence in the continuation of the excellent partnership we have with our customers.