Bouwcenter Logus and Verlegh Bouwmaterialen to continue under the name Bouwcenter Logus-de Hoop

6 September 2022

Verlegh Bouwmaterialen in Breda and the branches of Bouwcenter Logus in Bergen op Zoom, Goes, Oostburg, Roosendaal, Rotterdam North, Terneuzen, Vlissingen and Zwijndrecht will assume a single common identity. From September 2022, these subsidiaries of De Hoop Terneuzen will proceed under the name Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop. This marks more progress in the way De Hoop Terneuzen’s building materials division is addressing its ever-growing competition.

A clearly defined, strong family name is becoming more and more important. Competition in the industry, which was already fierce, will increase further, especially in South Holland and Brabant. The Logus-De Hoop name links the individual branches with its parent company, De Hoop Terneuzen. Adding the name of its parent company enables Logus – whose aim is to innovate purposefully and sustainably – to increase its added value.

Through intensive communication under the Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop name, the building materials division of De Hoop Terneuzen can create consistent brand awareness. In conjunction with the new look, the new name is intended to create greater name recognition and position the company more noticeably. By implication, work can be done on creating new customer relationships and strengthening relationships with existing customers while providing the same quality and first-rate products and services.

An excellent development but in fact, little will change. It is still the same company, with the same first-rate products and services and the same people. A new branch of Bouwcenter Logus-De Hoop will also be opened in Rotterdam South in September: a sign that the company has every confidence in the future.