Electric concrete mixer truck supplied to ready-mixed concrete sector

6 May 2022

De Hoop Terneuzen has invested in a fully electric concrete mixer truck. An electric-powered concrete mixer semi-trailer has been used by De Hoop Betonmortel for a number of months now. It has been such a success that a fully electric-powered concrete mixer truck has now been taken into use at Betonmortel Grevelingen in Stellendam. The keys were officially handed over last week to Robert Roks, Operational Manager at De Hoop Betonmortel.

The use of diesel engines is becoming unacceptable given De Hoop Terneuzen’s sustainability goals. The new concrete mixer truck runs completely on electricity and is therefore emission-free. This saves more than 6,000 kg of carbon emissions per year, which is the most important reason for taking this mixer truck into use, despite the significantly higher costs compared to using a conventional mixer truck.

Apart from benefitting the environment, the electric mixer truck also brings health benefits for the driver. Loading and especially unloading the ready-mixed concrete can be done quietly and cleanly. Because the truck makes no noise and the driver hears other workers on the building site or passing traffic at the unloading point earlier, it benefits safety too.

According to the Climate Agreement, at least 30 cities must introduce a zero-emission zone for city logistics by 2025. The expectation is that this example will be adopted by other cities in the coming years. Our electric concrete mixer truck shows that we are prepared for this change.

Our group devotes special attention to ecological developments in the province of Zeeland. This can be seen in De Hoop Terneuzen’s involvement in various projects to make the concrete cycle truly circular. The investment in 100 hectares of afforestation in conjunction with the Dutch Forestry Commission is also in keeping with this policy and is part of the organisation’s goal to reduce and compensate for carbon emissions as much as possible.